Retailers big and small jump on the pop-up bandwagon | Crain's

Retailers big and small jump on the pop-up bandwagon

Luciana Bueno sells home goods, fashion, jewelry and original work from photographers, painters and sculptors out of this repurposed Airstream trailer in Miami, Fla. | Photo courtesy of PopUpStream

Whether it's edible cookie dough, ugly Christmas sweaters or the deal of the day on Amazon's Treasure Truck, retailers of all sizes are turning to pop-up shops.

That's because pop-ups offer emerging entrepreneurs the opportunity to test a product and develop their audience, while allowing larger brands to generate buzz through a unique form of marketing.

“[Pop-ups] have solidified themselves as a valid operating paradigm in retailing,” said David Loranger, an assistant professor of retail merchandising at the University of Minnesota.

He explained that the trend capitalizes on at least two growing demographics: baby boomers, who may have more discretionary income in retirement, and millennials, who tend to seek out customization and a memorable experience. Pop-ups also impart a sense of urgency in shoppers, due to their temporary nature.

“Customers are interested in fresh merchandise, unfamiliar brands — or collaborations or takes on brands — and a lack of a sense of permanence, which leads to a fear of missing out,” Loranger said.

From restaurants to pharmacies to wireless carriers, here's a look at the wide variety of businesses taking advantage of the pop-up model around the U.S.


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Mountain states

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The West

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October 24, 2017 - 1:05pm