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Smart cars, smart homes, smart business: 'Internet of things' offers big opportunities

The Xenex robot disinfects hospital rooms to prevent healthcare-associated infections. About three years ago, all of the company’s robots were equipped with technology that enabled them automatically to send hospitals data about when, where, and how long the robot was used. | Photo courtesy of Xenex


Businesses are looking at the "internet of things" as a way to innovate in every sphere, from the small to the large—whether that's a sprinkler that knows when your lawn is getting dry or an agricultural irrigation system that conserves water across vast, drought-ridden areas.

Powered by devices that send and receive data online, which are embedded in everything from baby monitors to robotic machinery, the internet of things is big business. By 2025, Intel projects that the value of IoT technology worldwide will exceed $6 billion, with most of that value concentrated in healthcare and manufacturing. The applications are widespread, however, from utilities to agriculture to retail. Cities are even getting in on the game, with sensors transmitting data in trash cans, street lights and parking lots.

Here's a look at the ways businesses around the country are taking advantage of IoT.

Applications abound for "smart cities"

Consumer applications include smart homes and smart cars

Agriculture, healthcare, construction and other industries stand to benefit, too

What are the legal ramifications?

April 25, 2018 - 4:38pm